7th Grade Summer Reading

Hawtree Creek Middle School students will be required to read a minimum of 3 books during the summer and submit written responses on the first day of school for the 2020-2021 school year.

For a printable version of the information below, click on the following link:

Step 1: Choose your Novels

Below is a list of fiction and non-fiction novels recommended for your summer reading.  These are recommendations based on Lexile Level, but you are welcome to read any book of your choosing. Some of these novels may be available at your local library.  Some books you may need to purchase (Amazon.com) You may also choose to purchase these books on a tablet device.  You must choose:

·       At least 1 novel from the non-fiction list

·       At least 2 novels from the fiction list

You don’t need to stop at 3. Read as many books as you would like!

Step 2: Read your Novels

Enjoy your summer by kicking back in the shade with a great book!  On average, 7th graders should be reading a minimum of 25-30 minutes per day. 

Step 3:Write Journal Prompts

Below, students will find guidelines for writing journal entries after each book that is read.  Students may choose from a list of reading response prompts.

Students must complete 5 journal responses per book that is read, 15 total.

After each response, students must write 3-5 sentences answering the following question: What HCMS Character Value (Community, Leadership, Perseverance, Collaboration) is evident in this book?  Explain how this book demonstrates an HCMS Character value.

Students may choose to write their responses on looseleaf OR typed and printed out from a computer.  All typed responses must be in double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font.

Journal Format


Journal Prompts


Suggested Novels