Math Remote Learning Plan
March - April 2020
Grades 6-8

  • Each student will be required to access and complete three lessons (Cornell Notes) per week;
    • Each lesson will be posted as a Cornell Note document to be copied or printed.
    • Students will submit each Cornell Note to teachers as an image (picture) within 48 hours of its original post-date.
      • The first weekly lesson will be posted Monday
      • The second weekly lesson will be posted Tuesday
      • The third weekly lesson will be posted Wednesday
    • Each lesson’s Work Time will consist of application problems in an attached document or corresponding IXL exercises for teachers to monitor. 
    • Students are required to show all work in their Work Time sections to receive full credit for each Cornell Note (25 points total)

  • Each student will be required to access and complete one Check for Understanding (google form) per week;
    • Checks for Understanding will be a short set of problems based on concepts addressed in the three lessons during that week. 
    • Along with submitting their responses on google forms, students will also be required to submit a separate document showing work for each problem as an image (picture) within 48 hours of the check for understanding’s original post-date.

  • Each student will be required to access and complete a set of homework exercises on IXL each week;
    • IXL exercises may consist of current topics of study or topics spiraled from earlier parts of the school year.
    • Students are to complete each IXL exercise until mastery; a smart score of at least 80 for each exercise. 

Math Remote Learning
Grade Breakdown

Classwork (60%)

Homework (20%)

Participation (20%)

  • Send Images of Cornell Notes with corresponding work. (three per week)
  • Checks for Understanding – Google Form

(one per week)

  • Weekly IXL exercises to be completed until mastery (minimum Smart Score of 80 & minimum of ten questions answered per section)
  • Logging onto google classroom daily.
  • Viewing and submitting assignments on time.
  • Participate inGoogle Meetarranged time each week.



Ms. Braithwaite:

Ms. Comella:

Mr. Castaneda:

Mr. Geyer:

Ms. Grubb:

Ms. McLaughlin:

Ms. Sullivan:

Ms. Wallace:

A Typical Week During Remote Learning


  • 1st Weekly Lesson posted

  • Weekly Homework exercises posted


  • 2nd Weekly Lesson posted


  • 3rd Weekly Lesson posted

  • *1st weekly Cornell Note due


  • Check for Understanding posted

  • *2nd weekly Cornell Note due


  • *Check for Understanding due


  • *Weekly Homework exercises are due

  • *3rd weekly Cornell Note due
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